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The Roof to Protect Your Home & Your Family

Proudly delivering the best roof construction in Watsonville so that you never have to worry about leaks, cracks, or any other roof-related problem ever again! Get your home the flat roof construction it needs to keep your loved ones safe.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Home & Loved Ones with a Secure Roof

Proudly delivering the best roof construction in Watsonville so that you never have to worry about leaks, cracks, or any other roof-related problem ever again! Get your home the flat roof construction it needs to keep your loved ones safe. 

Your Favorite Roof Construction Company in Watsonville

Cruz Home is Watsonville’s most trusted, reliable, and affordable roof construction company that provides all types of solutions your home, office, or building might need. Our clients never leave us because of our dedication to ensuring we give them maximum value for their money. Our company is built upon customer integrity, quality, and loyalty because our clients deserve nothing less. 


Thanks to the experienced, hard-working, and skilled team that executes our operations and their commitment to getting the job done, our company is known as one of the best roof construction companies in Watsonville. We strictly follow the latest safety policies and guidelines provided by the local government and ensure our methods adhere to social sustainability practices. No matter what kind of roof construction solution you need, we always deliver the best our industry has to offer. The reason behind our excellent consistency is the fact that we always do a custom job. The roof solutions we offer are tailored to your house specifically to make sure everything fits and settles in perfectly. 

Our Roofing Solutions In Watsonville

Residential Roof Construction

Cruz Home is fully dedicated to giving your home the roof treatment it needs and deserves. Every client’s home we serve, we serve as if it were our own. Nothing feels more satisfying than meeting your roof requirements with nothing but premium quality materials and the latest designs. Doesn’t matter whether you need a new roof, re-roof, or a simple inspection to check things out, you can always count on our professionals to get the job done within the agreed deadline. You don’t have to worry about your daily life. We will make sure we work around everything so that you and your family can go about your day without any interruptions. 

Is that roof not looking good? Don’t worry, our premium residential roof repair and maintenance service is exactly what your home needs. We make them to last and they can easily withstand the wear and tear of everyday weather while adding to the aesthetics of your house. 


Commercial Roof Construction

Being one of the most widely used Watsonville commercial roofing contractors, you can be sure to receive the best buck for your money when you deal with us. No matter what kind of property owner you are, the building will need a roof that can last you many years to come. And that’s exactly what we are offering. Does your property need a full roof replacement or simply partial repairs? Whatever it needs, you will find it right here at Cruz Home Restoration & Construction. 

We take pride in the fact that our clients never leave our services for another because they know no other contractor will do a better job at such affordable rates. Our commercial flat roof construction team has protected countless businesses from operational disruptions by making sure their roofs stay intact no matter how heavy or aggressive the weather is. 

How Do We Operate?


The process is quite straightforward when your building doesn’t have a roof and needs one. We come to the site, check what kind of roof is needed, agree on a budget, and get things done. 



If you are in doubt whether your roof is just fine or won’t withstand the next heavy rain season, it’s better to call our team and get your roof professionally inspected. Depending on how it goes, our experts will recommend one of the three:



If everything is fine and your roof only shows minor wear and tear, then all it needs is professional maintenance. Our experts will give it a refreshing touch and it will be good to go. 



In case your roof is seriously damaged, our experts will recommend that you get it repaired before something bad happens. We will repair and reverse the damage, increasing the life of your roof. 


New Roof

If we come to the conclusion that your current roof isn’t usable anymore, then it’s time to part ways with the old and get your house a new one. It might be the most costly option but nothing comes before your and your family’s safety.