Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom Remodels for Your Dream House

No home is complete without having a refreshing bathroom that you or your guests use to rest your stress away. Hire the best bathroom remodelers Watsonville today!

Discover Top Rated Bathroom Remodel Contractors in Watsonville: Get a Stunning Upgrade!

If your bathrooms need a fresh remodeling touch, you will find our professionals perfect for the task. We aren’t known as the finest bathroom remodel contractors Watsonville for nothing! Each member of our team is professionally trained, fully capable, and heavily experienced and will always deliver the results you had in mind. We don’t do close enough; we keep working until your restrooms come out exactly as you see fit. Because at Cruz Home, customer satisfaction comes before anything else. 

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process


We start by discussing the design you want to use for your restrooms. If you don’t have one already, we can help you find the perfect one for your taste. 



To deliver a premium job, we need high-quality materials to get things done. We only work with the best suppliers who don’t compromise on anything. 



Once you give us your approval, our remodeling experts will get to work. We excel at maintaining a high level of standards while finishing the job right on time. 

Bathroom Designs Custom Made for You

Everything starts with a bathroom design. Our professional consultant will help you work through the process of choosing the design that fits your space and taste.

Bathroom Measurement

In order to find which designs your bathroom space qualifies, we will accurately measure all the angles so that nothing comes out wrong.

The Layout

Now that we have a design that fits into the available space, it’s time to plan the layout. At this stage, we decide where the sink will go and where you want the cabinets, shower, water pump, and everything else.

The Finishing

Everything should complement each other. That’s why we will help you carefully pick out the floor tiles, vanities, and tubs, among other things.

Deciding the Budget

Everyone has a budget, and it’s our job to ensure we can complete the job without breaking it. We specialize in remodeling your bathroom using your chosen design within your given budget!

Premium Supplies

Now, it’s time to round up all the materials we need to ensure your remodeled bathroom perfectly matches your chosen design.


From simple and elegant to the latest, most trending designs in the market, we have you covered in every way.


Whether you like the traditional faucets or the new ones that come with the latest heating and sensor technology, we have it all.


We have every national and international cabinet brand that maintains high standards.


You will find everything in our inventory from natural stones like granite and marble to something fancy like stainless steel, quartz, and glass.

Floor Tiles

No room is complete until it gets the flooring it needs to complement everything inside. Good thing we have a wide variety of premium tiles for you to choose from.

Giving Your Bathroom A Remodel

By now, we have your dream bathroom design and everything we need to make it a reality. In other words, we are ready to remodel your bathroom. When it comes to professional bathroom installation services, no one has us beat in all of Watsonville. We have converted countless average bathrooms to ones overflowing with modern designs, advanced technology, and luxury vibes. From the start to the end of the construction, our bathroom remodeling experts work around the clock to get things done while your project manager ensures no one and nothing goes off track. When Cruz Home makes a promise, it always delivers. Get the best in the business for a perfect remodeling job.