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A Kitchen Where You Love Cooking

Enhance your cooking and dining experience by remodeling your kitchen into something right out of your dreams. The best kitchen renovation in Watsonville.

Transform with Expert Kitchen Remodeling Services in Watsonville

Enhance your cooking and dining experience by remodeling your kitchen into something right out of your dreams. The best kitchen renovation in Watsonville. 

Expert Kitchen Remodeling Services In Watsonville You Can Count On

When was the last time you got your kitchen remodeled? Does it feel outdated? Or the years of wear and tear are getting a little out of hand. Whatever the case, we are the kitchen remodeling contractors Watsonville you need to make things happen. 


Cruz Home is one of the most trusted and reliable kitchen remodeling contractors in Watsonville. Over the years, we have remodeled countless kitchens for our valuable clients, helping them complete their dream homes. And if that’s what your house needs, we can do the same for you. Don’t worry about the budget because you won’t find a more affordable alternative elsewhere! Despite offering market-competitive prices, we never compromise on quality and deliver a premium experience with no room for complaints. 

Our Kitchen Remodeling Process


Tell us what kind of design you want to use for your kitchen, and share the picture you have in mind. All this information helps us to deliver something that will ensure 100% satisfaction. 



Quality matters to us, and we never compromise or cut any corners. That’s why we work with only reputable local and international brands known for their premium quality.  



Once we have your preferred design and the materials we need to make it happen, our kitchen remodeling experts will get moving and start working on your project. 

Your Kitchen - Your Taste

To pick the correct design for your kitchen, we first need to ensure your room has sufficient space to facilitate it. This is why we will begin by accurately measuring your kitchen’s available and usable space. Doing so lets us choose a design that perfectly fits your kitchen space. Now that we know that the selected design will work, we can start charting out the layout of your kitchen. At this point, we need to decide where everything will go. Once we have the complete blueprint of your kitchen, for example, how you want to remodel kitchen cabinets, we can move on to selecting the finishing elements. Our professional consultant will help you choose the kitchen sink, cabinets, floorings, appliances, and countertops that go well with your design. We will do all this while keeping your budget in mind so that there are no surprises at the end of the project. 

High-Quality Materials

Cruz Home might mainly be a home restoration and construction company, but our network is very strong when it comes to supplying the materials we need on the daily. Thanks to the multiple supplier options we have, you don’t have to settle for anything. Our wide variety of choices ensures that you always find the right kitchen sinks, faucets, cabinets, appliances, countertops, chairs, wall decorations, and other accessories. Whatever you need for your dream kitchen, our kitchen remodeling service Watsonville, will make it happen!

Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

With the design selected and the materials required to make it happen in hand, our kitchen remodeling experts can finally start working on your project. Choosing Home Cruz automatically gets you the best quality work and craftsmanship in the market at the most market competitive rates. Before your kitchen remodeling can start, we will send over a professional contractor who will handle everything and make sure all the work is done according to plan. The expert will stay on site until our experienced team has successfully remodeled your kitchen exactly how you wanted.